Admin Configuration

easily set-up, manage and deploy your 360 feedback and other survey campaigns

high performer 360
visionmetrics g2crowd
360 feedback dashboard

Easy set-up using start wizards

Multiple wizards and popup guides allow for easy step-by step configuration

Don’t want to spend all your valuable time learning and setting up your talent performance process? Our team of solution experts are ready to help, even during your free trial subscription.

360 feedback rules

Flexible 360 workflows

360 feedback workflows? we’ve got you covered!

This makes for a very powerful non-restrictive platform in which you call the shots, not the technology. As each company has their own requirement, you don’t want to get locked down by the technology. When it comes to workflows Vision Metrics will make your job that much easier.

* applies to 360 degree feedback product.

Easily upload & manage users

Individual or one click bulk uploads of respondents

With a versatile upload manager, you can count on getting your data right. Simplifying the tedious process of single entry data points.

Cool Graphics

Make responding to feedback more fun and clear

Make great questionnaires and get cool designed graphics to support them.

Create great questionnaires

Get all the help you need in getting the best questions asked

Have your own questionnaire. Great easily copy/paste your questions into our survey question builder.

Need inspiration use are survey templates or question library.

360 Reminder Plan

Automated reminders

Create automated response reminder schedules

With a few clicks, have our reminder schedule send reminders to only those not having completed the surveys you’ve assigned to them. You can adjust the frequency or at the same time send reminders manually with one click.

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our next screens will show the analytics and reporting capabilities of VISION METRICS 360 degree feedback surveys and traditional types of surveys. Want to skip to a respondent’s experience features? click on ‘Respondent Experience’.

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