Giving Feedback:
The respondent experience

“no learning curve software is simply better software”

Secure, personalized respondent account

each user has their own dedicated account

As a cloud service, users/respondents can sign in from anywhere and start or finish surveys at any time.

Survey dashboard

Easy select & click interface

All survey campaigns are listed in a respondent’s dashboard. With this simple interface, theoretically a respondent could be asked to respond to a 360 evaluation and/or an employee engagement survey or other. This simplifies not having to purchase additional platforms for different survey types.

360 Feedback Review Panel

Easy select & click interface

Simply clicking the ‘evaluate’ button will allow the respondent to review their colleague.

* applies to 360 degree feedback product.

Intuitive, no learning curve interface

Your asking a lot from respondents, so why not make it easy?

Having to explain or create guides for respondents would cost you more time. Time you don’t have and let’s be honest, if you need to explain it ‘it ain’t good’. So make this part of the process easy, clear and concise.

That’s where VISION METRICS really shines.

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