Analytics & Reporting

powerful real-time and pdf reporting capabilities for 360 feedback and other survey types

360 Feedback Charts

Real-time survey analytics

Be in control with the analytics module

Get real-time statistics on participation levels,  survey project status, reminders and much more. 360 Degree Feedback example shown.

Fig. right: View number of appraisals completed per day giving you a clear picture of progress and actions to be taken set in your appraisal policy.

360 Analytics Survey Dashboard
*   per user activity applies to 360 degree feedback and 180 degree upward feedback products. Answers will always remain anonymous

Real-time scoring

Get real-time scoring data with live 360 feedback surveys

See the hotspots per subject reviewed.  Colored flags will show challenge areas needing attention.

* applies to 360 degree feedback product.

Intelligent reporting engine

For individual or group report generation

Reports auto generate in the language setting indicated per respondent but also in any language enabled by the HR administrator. This offers powerful versatility for international organizations.

Create stunning themed reports everyone simply understands

Elegant yet meaningful presentation

Reports can be downloaded from your administrator account and according to your policy granted access to by subjects reviewed.

Sample 360 Report Pages

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