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Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Feedback Survey

An easy approach to deploy organizational feedback surveys.

Cloud technology that wraps around you like a warm blanket.

Every organization’s performance is partly dependent on the atmosphere and degree of satisfaction, attitude and opinions of its employees. Research shows that low-level employee satisfaction can significantly affect organizational productivity and competitiveness. Here’s how you can easily get answers to these questions.

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98% Satisfaction rate and 5/5 star reviews.

Easy – Affordable – Practical

With Vision Metrics you will be able to use various templates to conduct different types of organizational feedback. Put into perspective different themes that are easily measured and presented in clear understandable results. The themes will vary upon the question set used.
Measure the level of motivation, involvement and emotional commitment that drives employees to perform better.

With a different approach, an employee satisfaction survey will measure the ‘happiness’ factor of  your workforce. This will not necessarily result in greater productivity but will address key issues that may need to be addressed.

  • Actionable data & comprehensive PDF reporting

  • Unlimited customizable question forms

  • Aggregates feedback in one respondent group.

  • Automated messaging, reminders and paperless surveying

Customers weigh in on their experiences

  • We have been using Vision Metrics for the past four years…
    The information layout, underlying service and support from their team is what makes this product one we use and will continue to use.

    - Group HR Manager, Hobart Enterprises
  • For us it was all about the ease of use, flexibility and clear understandable results in our performance feedback reports.

    - Human Resources Director, NextiraOne/BlackBox
  • We appreciated Vision Metrics’ willingness to be flexible to our company’s method of peer review and evaluation, and not locking us into a pre-defined concept.

    - Manager, Garick Corporation
  • An awesome experience! By far the most effective tool we’ve used to date.
    Very supportive of our mission.

    - Commercial Director, NextiraOne/BlackBox
  • This has been an excellent experience which I highly recommend!

    - HR Manager, Constellation Software
  • I have enjoyed working with you…
    I have bragged about your abilities and company.

    - Project Manager, Niello
  • A 360 Feedback Survey that makes me look like the hero!

    - Director of Organizational Excellence, 2-1-1 San Diego
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