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Manage Unlimited Separated Client Accounts

Resellers are able to manage different client accounts, allocate credits to different customers (reseller program dependent) and white label those accounts with your own company logo or those of your clients.

Partners are eligible partners through application. Please sign on to our WebStore for more information and application.

Discount on Product Purchases (Credit Points)5%10%15%
Pay-As-You Go CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Order Online CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Multi-Language* CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Online Help CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
Online Technical Support**  CheckMark CheckMark
Manage Unlimited Separated Client Accounts  CheckMark CheckMark
Distribute Credits over accounts  CheckMark CheckMark
Extended Credit Expiry***   CheckMark
Dedicated Account Manager   CheckMark
Become Certified VM Partner   CheckMark
Use of certified logo on your site/marketing   CheckMark
One-time Set-up Fee:FREE
Annual Fee$0 $ 495