Marketing Social Media Intern (English or Dutch native speaker)

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As a marketing intern at Vision Metrics, you will be helping develop new Marketing Strategies, as well as optimizing existing ones. You will have the opportunity to engage with the founder in an entrepreneurial spirit, while working on real projects that will help us grow. Think about building our Social Media presence on various channels, crafting newsletters and optimizing [...]

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Why Startups Need 360-Degree Feedback

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A healthy foundation paves the way for long-term success. A successful startup must begin with a clear vision. 360-degree feedback is generally assumed to take place in large, global corporations with inefficient hierarchy and burned-out employees. According to the Corporate Leadership Council (2002), multisource feedback increases individual performance by 8.1% as it keeps everyone accountable for their daily behavior, not [...]

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Measuring 360 Degree Feedback Performance in an economic downturn

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You may be asking yourself, what if anything should I do with talent management in uncertain times? The answer is the opposite of what you may expect; to invest in your human capital. At a moment like that more than ever will leading companies emerge and separate themselves from the losers. Being on top of your company’s talent and organizational drive means being part of the winners emerging out of an economic crisis.

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Why 360 Degree Feedback Works

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360 feedback works Misunderstanding can reinforce prejudice, distrust, and poor communication, leading an organization to produce results which do not align with an organization’s bottom line. This “vicious circle” (Fisher, 2012) can produce counter reactions, tension, and inefficiencies in a company. 360 degree feedback puts effective communication and a collective vision at the heart of an organization so that consistent [...]

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Eliminating Feedback Bias

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Academics have researched how to keep administrative feedback generally accepted, unbiased, and fair. These goals, in part, led to the development of 360-degree feedback. Research in the field is only beginning to catch up with practitioner usage and the system is still being critiqued for several drawbacks regarding eliminating feedback bias (Levy, 2010). Regardless, 360-degree feedback is seen as a [...]

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The Power of Followup after 360-Degree Feedback

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“360 should not be a stand-alone event. There must be development, planning and followup” (Fleenor et al. 2008). Maximize the impact of 360 degree feedback by stressing the followup 360 performance reviews are most effective on when it extends beyond employees receiving quantitative data. Self-reflection is encouraged but is more powerful when paired with followup: coaching, goal setting, and positive [...]

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