Maximizing 360-Degree Feedback Honesty

People often dislike providing feedback, especially when it is unfavorable. In many cases, the risk of having one’s identity revealed is not even worth the risk of sharing in the first place (Fleenor et al. 2008).  This concept is particularly advantageous today because there is a slim risk of revealing an individual’s particular responses, therefore maximizing 360-degree feedback honesty. Many third-party [...]

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Selecting Question Format

Selecting Question Format Given that every organization is unique, there is no research to qualify the scientifically best strategy for choosing and selecting question format, although there is research offering different effective approaches. Vision Metric's Consulting Group provided some insight into consumer preferences and strategies for choosing specific questions. This information, however, cannot be extrapolated to every organization as the [...]

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Goal Setting by Upper Level Management

“In the absence of an externalized bureaucratic structure, it becomes more important to have an internalized cognitive structure of what the organization stands for and where it intends to go (Albert et al. 2000)”   The support of upper-level management is one of the most crucial aspects of setting up an effective 360-degree feedback action plan. Though 360-degree feedback is [...]

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Employee Motivation

Motivated, engaged employees are crucial to any successful organization. Research has found that initiatives based on organizational social support and employee development are factors that make an employee feel important in their workplace (Maurer, Mitchell, & Barbeite, 2002). By empowering employees to develop on both a personal and a professional level, they are led to feel accountable and therefore, intrinsically [...]

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Introduction to Rating Scales

  By using the emoticons listed above, to what extent do you agree with the statements listed below? There are a variety of rating scales that can be used to gather the opinions of employees in an organization. In 360-degree feedback, the Likert Scale is the most commonly used rating scale as it is designed to give credit to “the [...]

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Evolution of 360-Degree Feedback

Companies today are required to be more efficient, economical, and personalized than ever before. This means that performance management technology must also evolve rapidly to meet these ever-changing demands. As trust in cloud 360 feedback evolves, performance management has the ability to enhance the communication and performance in a variety of organizations. Vision Metrics provides the simplified setup, analysis, [...]

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