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Evolution of 360-Degree Feedback

Companies today are required to be more efficient, economical, and personalized than ever before. This means that performance management technology must also evolve rapidly to meet these ever-changing demands. As trust in cloud 360 feedback evolves, performance management has the ability to enhance the communication and performance in a variety of organizations. Vision Metrics [...]

Evolution of 360-Degree Feedback2017-12-04T12:18:27+01:00

Common Critiques

Like any feedback system, 360-degree feedback has some downsides   The most significant problems of 360-degree feedback arise from effective implementation. Specifically, how to constructively take the data compiled and relay it as an unbiased method to develop employees. Since this is a relatively new development in the human resources field, there has been a [...]

Common Critiques2017-11-28T11:26:33+01:00

360-Degree Feedback Academic Overview

What is 360-degree feedback? Companies using 360 degree feedback provide employees with a more accurate sense of their personal strengths and weaknesses. 360 degree feedback is a system that collects data on an employee to provide a comprehensive snapshot of their role within an organization; specifically data regarding an individual's performance strengths and challenges. 360 degree solutions [...]

360-Degree Feedback Academic Overview2017-12-05T11:18:24+01:00

Why Startups Need 360-Degree Feedback

A healthy foundation paves the way for long-term success. A successful startup must begin with a clear vision. 360-degree feedback is generally assumed to take place in large, global corporations with inefficient hierarchy and burned-out employees. According to the Corporate Leadership Council (2002), multisource feedback increases individual performance by 8.1% as it keeps everyone accountable [...]

Why Startups Need 360-Degree Feedback2017-12-04T12:20:19+01:00