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Goal Setting by Upper Level Management

“In the absence of an externalized bureaucratic structure, it becomes more important to have an internalized cognitive structure of what the organization stands for and where it intends to go (Albert et al. 2000)”   The support of upper-level management is one of the most crucial aspects of setting up an effective 360-degree feedback action [...]

Goal Setting by Upper Level Management2017-11-28T11:22:57+01:00

Employee Motivation

Motivated, engaged employees are crucial to any successful organization. Research has found that initiatives based on organizational social support and employee development are factors that make an employee feel important in their workplace (Maurer, Mitchell, & Barbeite, 2002). By empowering employees to develop on both a personal and a professional level, they are led to [...]

Employee Motivation2017-11-27T12:49:41+01:00

Common Critiques

Like any feedback system, 360-degree feedback has some downsides   The most significant problems of 360-degree feedback arise from effective implementation. Specifically, how to constructively take the data compiled and relay it as an unbiased method to develop employees. Since this is a relatively new development in the human resources field, there has been a [...]

Common Critiques2017-11-28T11:26:33+01:00