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We're always on the look out and open for top .net developers. We're open for highly capable developers who challenge themselves and are good self-learners in changing environments. We are on the look out for these skill-sets: In this role you will be working along with others on back-end systems which compromise the core of the Vision Metrics platform. [...]

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Context & Fairness in 360-Degree Feedback

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Neutrality is essential, as interpretations are subjective   Given the anonymity and comprehensive nature, 360-degree feedback is seen as one of the most equitable ways to administer honest feedback. Feedback context & fairness in 360-Degree Feedback is subjective, however, and “rests in the eye of the beholder” (Greenberg, 1988). In the realm of fairness, the personal evaluation in the feedback system [...]

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The Power of Positivity

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A successful organization should power positivity at every level Ensuring positivity is crucial when empowering employees to constructively develop within an organization. As a manager praises the areas in which one has scored well, an employee will realize they are valued within the organization and will, therefore, be more open to receiving critiques. Basically, a positive attitude will create an environment for feedback [...]

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Maximizing 360-Degree Feedback Honesty

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People often dislike providing feedback, especially when it is unfavorable. In many cases, the risk of having one’s identity revealed is not even worth the risk of sharing in the first place (Fleenor et al. 2008).  This concept is particularly advantageous today because there is a slim risk of revealing an individual’s particular responses, therefore maximizing 360-degree feedback honesty. Many third-party [...]

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Evolution of 360-Degree Feedback

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Companies today are required to be more efficient, economical, and personalized than ever before. This means that performance management technology must also evolve rapidly to meet these ever-changing demands. As trust in cloud 360 feedback evolves, performance management has the ability to enhance the communication and performance in a variety of organizations. Vision Metrics provides the simplified setup, analysis, [...]

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360-Degree Feedback Academic Overview

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What is 360-degree feedback? Companies using 360 degree feedback provide employees with a more accurate sense of their personal strengths and weaknesses. 360 degree feedback is a system that collects data on an employee to provide a comprehensive snapshot of their role within an organization; specifically data regarding an individual's performance strengths and challenges. 360 degree solutions should therefore primarily focus on [...]

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