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360 feedback multi-rater performance surveys and more

  • Easy to use employee performance and appraisal survey software right in your browser or tablet.
  • Align employee insights and performance metrics with company goals to accelerate employee development, growth and productivity.
  • Looking for a quick no-nonsense, intuitive rollout without complexity
  • Completely customizable survey forms, messaging and workflow. Or build upon one of our templates and select from more than 1000 questions.
  • Also for professionals and HR consultants, "Wow" your clients by making great use of our co-branding hosted survey options.
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Employee Performance Software Online

360 Degree Employee Feedback Surveys

Easy to use web-based online appraisal software. Start with 5 employees or enterprise solutions.

Management Performance & Succession Reviews

Strategic insights on management performance.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Surveys

Strategic insights and alignment with company mission and values.

HR Consultant & Reseller Programs

Partner with us and offer your clients the ultimate solutions and insights.

Serving over 4 continents. Trusted by Organizations & Professionals Around the World

Our three "E's"


First off, we need to be easy for you to be convinced and you don't need to be an HR professional either!


Our deliverables have to be meaningful and help you connect with and further develop your employees leading to greater productivity.


You need today's technology that is scaled to your requirement and process and in so doing getting the proper value for your money!

Welcome To Vision Metrics


Vision Metrics is one of the most well thought through HR performance feedback collection and analysis platforms online. Through our cloud power we're serving a global community sharing common goals to further advance talent development and productivity

  • Entirely Web & Tablet Based: No software required
  • 98% satisfaction scores on customer support
  • Technology that adjusts to your workflow
  • Affordable to all sized companies from small to enterprise.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why we continue to serve an increasingly connected world with the best cloud-based software that delivers actionable results.


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360 Degree Feedback usage and set up tips.

In a study conducted by Vision Metrics Consulting Group we analyzed customer preferences and configuration. These global characteristics help others determine how best to deploy feedback and development initiatives and give an overall picture of industry trends. 
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Vision Metrics releases VM7, Raising the Bar for web/tablet enabled Online 360 Feedback and HR Analytics Cloud Software

With continued support and feedback from our clients, Vision Metrics has released VM7, which places greater focus on user experience, optimization and greater freedom of device usage for HR professionals. HR professionals are set to experience a more efficient and cleaner design of this highly anticipated SaaS release.
Continue Reading: Vision Metrics releases VM7, Raising the Bar for web/tablet enabled Online 360 Feedback and HR Analytics Cloud Software
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What is 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

360 Degree Feedback is a method used to evaluate employees from different stakeholder perspectives e.g. manager, peers, reports or even customers. The term "360 degree feedback" is also known in other forms as, "Multi-rater feedback", "360 degree review", "360 degree employee feedback", "Multi source feedback, or "Multi source assessment".
More about 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

360 Degree Sample Reviews Reports

Browse through various sections where you can find reports and survey question forms. A good place to start is our product tour. Signing on to our WebStore will provide you with actual downloadable content such as 360 degree feedback sample survey reports, employee satisfaction surveys and other management performance services.
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How to successfully conduct 360 Degree Feedback Survey Appraisals?

With a lot of information out there on how to successfully implement a 360 Feedback Survey service, we take a look at some of the essentials on best practices and proper use.
More on setting up a 360 Feedback Survey