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Employee Performance & Development Software Online
360 feedback multi-rater performance surveys and more

  • Easy and affordable employee performance and appraisal survey software right in your browser.
  • Align employee insights and performance metrics with company goals to accelerate employee development, growth and productivity.
  • Looking for a quick intuitive rollout without complexity? Then this is where you want to be.
  • Completely customizable survey forms, messaging and workflow. Or build upon one of our templates and select from more than 50 competencies and 1000 questions.
  • Also, perfectly suited for HR professionals and consultants. "Wow" your clients by making great use of our co-branding hosted survey options.

Employee Performance Software Online

360 Degree Employee Feedback Surveys

Easy to use web-based online appraisal software. Start with 5 employees or enterprise solutions.

Management Performance & Succession Reviews

Strategic insights on management performance.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Surveys

Strategic insights and alignment with company mission and values.

HR Consultant & Partner Programs

Partner with us and offer your clients the ultimate solutions and insights.

Serving over 4 continents. Trusted by Organizations & Professionals Around the World

Our 3 'eeez'


First off, we need to be easy for you to be convinced and you don't need to be an HR professional either!


Our deliverables have to be meaningful and help you connect with and further develop your employees leading to greater productivity.


We offer tomorrow's technology today that is scaled to your needs and process. In so doing you'll get the proper value for your money.

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What is a 360 degree feedback appraisal survey?

Learn about the definition and concepts of a 360 Degree Feedback Appraisal Survey here

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How to 360 Degree Feedback Software Survey Best Practices & Free Tips

360 degree feedback systems are an ideal way of collecting valuable data for any type of organization. Small companies with 5 employees can start with this process right up to enterprise level deployment in many countries, languages and fully centralized or decentralized and with today's technologies all simultaneously... 

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360 Degree Feedback usage metrics

In a study conducted by Vision Metrics Consulting Group we analyzed customer preferences and configuration. These global characteristics help others determine how best to deploy feedback and development initiatives and give an overall picture of industry trends.

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